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    Centripetal Capital Partners, LLC. is a multi-stage venture capital firm with an innovative fund structure that provides greater flexibility and opportunity for limited partners than a traditional fund.


    Centripetal has an opportunistic growth capital investment approach and seeks investments in companies at various stages (early stage, growth stage, late stage) across a wide range of industries, and occasionally makes acquisitions.


    Centripetal’s Team, Affiliates and Investing Members are experienced entrepreneurs, financiers, executives and private investors with proven track records of success.


    Pronunciation: cen·trip·e·tal. It's not centri-petal, we're not a flower company!


    The Centripetal Force (Def): Latin for the "center seeking" force. The Centripetal Force is the radial force needed to create acceleration towards the center, counteracting straight line motion.


    Mission: As an investment firm, we seek to generate the Centripetal Force by bringing together: expert people, unique opportunities, and inflection point capital. When combined, we help turn corporate inertia into sustainable growth, increasing future value.



    Stage: Early stage, growth stage, late stage, and opportunistically makes acquisitions


    Investment Size: $1-$3 million per round, up to $7-10 milion over the life of a company. $5-10 million per acquistion.


    Lead Investor: Centripetal is typically the lead investor, but will co-invest in larger transactions and with other venture funds, seed funds, and angels


    Traction: We largely target companies where the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) = 100% complete and market tested, though we occasionally make exceptions. The companies have ideally generated first revenues, proven the basic business model, or have verifiable traction using key performance based metrics.


    Capital Efficiency: Minimal capital needed for operations and execution


    Target Returns: 5-10x+ return potential


    Industry Focus: We seek to diversify our risk by targeting a large range of industries


    Managment: Relevant industry experience, serial entrepreneurs (prior successes/failures), committed


    Competitive Advantages: Proprietary and/or unfair advantages that create sustainable competitive advantages


    Support: Strong support from investors, advisors, and partners


    Inflection Point Capital: Target companies well positioned for growth and where the application of capital has the potential for above average returns. Focus is on early stage and growth stage companies, but generally not start-ups or turnarounds.


    Investments Per Year: Centripetal seeks to make 3-5 investments per year


    Added Value: Opportunities where GPs and LPs can add most value - Clients, Employees, Board Members, Advisors, and Strategic Partners. Our investing Members provide hands-on industry and functional expertise to reduce risk and maximize return for the management and shareholders of our portfolio companies.


    Co-Investors: Committed capital from notable and/or top performing investors


    Follow-on Capital: Require real traction or an exit on horizon


    Diversified Risk: Across industries and stages


    Markets: Large, growing, and evolving markets where disruptions are happening


    Versatility: Companies with multiple avenues for success


    Things To Avoid: Managment Distractions, Regulatory Risk, Long Sell Cycles, Capital / Labor Intensive, Long Tech Development Cycles


    Liquidity Potential: Targeted <5 Years


    Steven G. Chrust

    Managing Director, Senior Partner

    LinkedIn: Connect 

    E-mail: SChrust@CentriCap.com


    Founder of SGC Advisory Services and Active Angel Investor


    Former Chairman and Largest Shareholder of Worlds.com (WDDD)


    Co-founder / Former Vice Chairman of Winstar Communications, raised $2B and led the Company from start-up to a $6B market valuation


    Former Director of Technology Research - Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.


    #1 Ranked Telecom Analyst for 5 Years by Institutional Investor


    Chairman and CEO of AMNEX (Revenue $100MM)‏


    Former EVP, Business & Corporate Development of Executone (Revenue $300MM)‏


    General Partner, VS Diversified Asset Fund


    Baruch College, B.A.

    E. Bulkeley Griswold

    Managing Director, Senior Partner




    Founding Partner of L&L Capital, an investment banking and consulting firm


    Over 45 years in financial services and investment management


    Former President of the Connecticut Society of Financial Analysts


    Former President and Managing General Partner of MarketCorp Ventures, a private $66MM venture capital fund


    Executive Vice President and a Trustee of (GEIC), managing the majority of GE’s $20B+ pension portfolio


    Board member of the New York Mercantile Exchange


    University of Maryland, B.S.; University of Connecticut, M.B.A

    Jeff Brodlieb


    LinkedIn: Connect

    E-mail: JBrodlieb@CentriCap.com


    Over 30 years experience developing, implementing and financing growth and turnaround strategies for Fortune 100’s to small and medium sized enterprises


    GE Capital, Vice President of Strategic Transactions; originated and structured over $500 million of transactions; with GE-backed Allegiance Capital completed turnaround buyouts totaling $144 million, currently generating annual income over $30 million


    Boston Consulting Group and Michael Allen Company: Consultant working across industries from telecommunications to consumer services


    Hands-on management and start-up experience; launched Time Inc.’s first subscription television company


    Brown University, B.A.; Harvard Business School, M.B.A.

    Stephen Rossetter


    LinkedIn: Connect

    E-mail: SRossetter@CentriCap.com


    Over 28 years of experience in the financial, accounting and investment business

    CFO and Partner at L&L Capital Partners


    Former CFO and Partner of MarketCorp Ventures, a $66MM venture capital fund


    Audit Manager with Arthur Young & Co (now Ernst & Young)


    Hartwick College, B.A.; Pace University, M.B.A


    Former Certified Public Accountant


    Alpha Financial Technologies, LLC.

    AFT is the creator of patented trading methodologies, most notably the S&P DTI (Diversified Trends Indicator). Its products are used as the basis for investment funds and structured financial products by leading institutions.

    Pet Paradise (American Pet Resorts)

    Pet Paradise (American Pet Resorts) is an established operator of high quality, full service pet hotels at airport and suburban locations in the South. The company, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, has developed and continues to refine a high quality, service oriented pet boarding facilities. Their strategy is to rollout initial sites near airports throughout the Southeast U.S. and other select urban and suburban locations in the Southeast. American Pet Resorts currently operates 24 locations throughout the United States.


    APJeT is a nanotechnology company that uses atmospheric plasma technology to change and enhance the surface properties of a wide variety of materials, beginning with, but not limited to textiles.

    Choice Pet Supply

    Choice Pet Supply offers an outstanding selection of superior pet products, specializing in natural, organic and holistic foods for dogs and cats, as well as small animals. The carefully chosen products combined with a staff expertly trained to assist customers with their selections, discuss their pet’s nutritional needs, and provide the information required to make the best choices for their pet’s health and happiness, set Choice Pet apart from other pet suppliers. Choice Pet actively supports community rescue and animal welfare groups, and Choice Pet’s “Rescue Me” program provides ongoing support to adoption groups and new pet parents. Currently, there are 13 Choice Pet locations in the Connecticut and New York area, and steadily expanding in the Northeast.

    Cytogel Pharma, LLC.

    Cytogel Pharma, LLC. is an early stage, innovative bio-pharmaceutical company with a portfolio of high value analgesic product candidates and broadly useful polymer and hydrogel drug delivery platform technologies. Cytogel’s products individually represent significant medical advances for the future, each could have significant market potential.


    DashBid is a powerful online video advertising technology for publisher's (ex. MTV, CNN, Hulu), providing each publisher a Private Real-Time Bidding Marketplace for advertisers to buy direct, internal Ad Sales Tools to help a publisher's Ad Sales Team sell better, and an Ad Optimizing SWAT platform which centrally manages multiple 3rd party ad technologies, such as open ad networks and ad exchanges, increasing overall fill rates and CPMs.

    EAM Partners L.P.

    EAM Partners L.P., a related company to AFT is the manager of several funds that make use of the S&P DTI


    eTelemetry™ develops and markets products that analyze network traffic to determine the who, what, where and how much for networks. eTelemetry’s products improve network efficiency, easily identify network problems, monitor corporate and government compliance, provide 911 emergency capability to VOIP communication system and create revenue enhancing capabilities for network owners.

    Iris Wireless

    Iris Wireless is a leading provider of global messaging solutions for wireless operators. Iris Wireless operates a next-generation messaging network that manages the inter-operator exchange of wireless data traffic between mobile operators around the world. It also develops and provides value added services for regular use by mobile customers.

    Juniper Content

    Juniper Content provides television programming services through ¡Sorpresa! the nation’s first children’s cable television network broadcast exclusively in Spanish. (Sold to Olypusat)

    Medical Asset Fund III

    Medical Asset Fund III is the third medical equipment leasing/financing fund managed by Health Capital, Inc. It specializes in financing high quality equipment with important and frequent usage in primarily the cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, radiology, and urology sectors of the medical marketplace. It targets high teen net cash on cash returns.

    OfficePower, LLC.

    OfficePower, LLC. provides distributive energy to large office buildings in major markets, enabling buildings to produce a portion of their power needs. Landlords reduce their reliance on public utilities and the increasingly fragile power grid and as a result increase the value of their property.


    Optiwind is pioneering a new market in wind energy, placing medium sized wind turbines right where they’re needed most – on site at schools, businesses and government locations. Optiwind has developed an innovative suite of technologies that accelerate existing wind speeds, reduce installation and maintenance costs, and bring turbine sizes in line with what suburban and urban communities will accept.


    ORBCOMM is a satellite data communications company that provides innovative satellite communication services at down to earth prices. Using a constellation of company-owned Low-Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites to provide cost-effective, global tracking, monitoring and messaging capabilities to a wide variety of industries, including trucking, marine, aviation, automotive, heavy equipment and utilities. (IPO December 2006)


    Choice Pet Supply Opens New Location at Somers Commons Shopping Center

    December 7th, 2013

    Pet Paradise Releases New Video About Its Services

    November, 26, 2013

    Y-Hack 2013 | Yale University Hackathon

    Nov 8-9th

    Centripetal is proud to be sponsoring Y-Hack.com, what could end up being the largest hackathon on a college campus in the US, bringing together programmers from around the country to hack for 24 hrs! Learn more: Y-Hack.com

    The Connecticut Innovation Summit

    Nov 7, 2013

    The largest CT Venture Capital Event of the year, showcasing the top 75 companies in CT. Event Details: Click Here

    Pet Paradise Featured on NBC News: Can't take your pet on the plane? Board him at the airport!

    October 8, 2013

    Pet Paradise Opens Phoenix Location

    September 30, 2012

    Pet Paradise Opens Second Plano, TX Location, and 5thTexas Location

    August 15, 2012

    Press Release: Click Here


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