• What We Invest In

    Our fund is an evergreen fund and our focus is on flexibility and transparency. We do not require our limited partners to invest in every deal we do; they can opt in to only the ones they really like. It is in this way that we bring optionality and sensibility to direct investing. We also pride ourselves in governing our portfolio and our LP relationships with high levels of frequency and professionalism.


    Stage: Early stage and growth equity


    Investment Size: $1-3 million per round, up to $7-10 million over the life of a company.


    Lead Investor: Centripetal is typically the lead investor, but will co-invest in larger transactions and with other venture funds, seed funds, and angels


    Traction: We largely target companies where the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) = 100% complete and market tested, though we occasionally make exceptions. The companies have ideally generated first revenues, proven the basic business model, or have verifiable traction using key performance based metrics.


    Capital Efficiency: Minimal capital needed for operations and execution


    Target Returns: 5-10x+ return potential


    Industry Focus: Health & Wellness, Impact, and Market Reimagination


    Management: Relevant industry experience, serial entrepreneurs (prior successes/failures), committed


    Competitive Advantages: Proprietary and/or unfair advantages that create sustainable competitive advantages