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    APJeT is a nanotechnology company that uses atmospheric plasma technology to change and enhance the surface properties of a wide variety of materials, beginning with, but not limited to textiles.

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    Choice Pet


    Choice Pet Supply offers an outstanding selection of superior pet products, specializing in natural, organic and holistic foods for pets.

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    Cytogel Pharma (Cytogel) is a bio-pharmaceutical development company focused on acquiring promising early-stage programs that offer significant potential both as platform technologies and high value product candidates.

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    Earth Animal


    Earth Animal provides all Natural Animal Health and Wellness products, joining hearts with thousands of concerned pet parents who seek a more holistic and enlightened approach to the care and feeding of their loved ones.

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    Ascellus is the leading behavioral health provider focused on helping injured workers restore their physical and emotional wellbeing. By bringing people and technology together, Ascellus delivers customized treatment options through a national network of 1,500 licensed clinicians, reducing costs for workers' compensation claims and empowering injured workers to return to work sooner.

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    Hyper-contextual Shopper Marketing

    Imfree is a mobile personal value compass that aggregates and publishes hyper -contextual promotions and rewards in real time as consumers move through time and space to engage, transact and amplify customer loyalty with direct attribution for retailers and brands.
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    ValidateMe is an innovative technology company that is building a service which combines the best of the best methods in use today, and in the future, and then overlays its proprietary AI driven method. The result is a trust and confidence score for each and every digital identification that answers whether “you are actually you' for each and every transaction for banks, retailers, governments and institutions. It also gives individuals a password-free method to validate themselves.

    Led by successful entrepreneurs with proven track-records, ValidateMe is developing the MyDTM  service, the first reliable, secure, and verifiable individual digital identity product, managed as a service in real-time, synergistically and seamlessly, across multiple public and private clouds and on-premise computing installations and mobile devices.

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    Zing is a vitality bar created by professional nutritionist David Ingalls. Zing's brand promise is centred around great taste and sustained energy. Latvian Legend and NY Knick Kristaps Porzingis is a key investor in the company.